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School based training gets a boost from Professional Skills Development Workshop held at Raa TRC.

PD Coordinators and selected teachers from Raa and Baa Atolls gathered together for a 40 hour School Based Professional Skills Development Workshop from 14 – 19th May, 2011. TRC staff from Raa and Baa Atolls collaborated on the organisation and delivery of the workshop that was hosted by Raa Atoll Education Centre.

The workshop included many co-operative learning activities that required groups of participants to research a topic and present their findings. Topics included:

  • New modules on Secondary Maths, Phonics, Managing Stress, Differentiated Instruction, Graphic Organisers and Using Blooms to develop a Table of Specifications.
    These modules will be available for use by PD Coordinators in the School Based Professional Development program in the future.

  • the new CFS Baraabaru Schools Indicators, which were trialled by participants at a number of nearby schools.

Sessions were facilitated by Mohamed Arif, the Baa Atoll TRC Coordinator; Ibrahim Rasheed, the Raa Atoll TRC Coordinator; Jennifer Clarke, an Australian volunteer and Fathulla Ismail, Principal of RAEC.

World Bank funding enabled 19 participants from across Raa Atoll and 11 from Baa Atoll to travel to Raa Meedhoo for the event, and also covered the cost of accommodation and catering, provided by the RAEC Parent-Teacher Association. The school community of RAEC is to be thanked for their support of this opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills of Professional Development
providers in our schools.

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