Upcoming Events

 1 May A Level & HSC Exams.

 4 May English Day

 6 May Huravee Dhuvas

 10 May Children's Day

13-24 May First Term Test

17-24 May First Term Test

25-26 May Second Term

31 May End of Term 1

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PD Coordinators' handbook

PD Coordinators of Raa Atoll

Name School Contact
Hassan Yoosuf Alifushi School Tel: +960 6580137    Email: yoosuph@hotmail.com
Mohamed Areef Vaadhoo School Tel: +960 6580362     Email: atom_ari@hotmail.com
Hussain Hameed Rasgetheem School Tel: +960 6580361     Email: hammi5141@hotmail.com
Yoosuf Mohamed Angolhitheem School Tel: +960 6580357     Email: gabulhi@yahoo.com
Mohamed Fayaz Hulhudhuffaaru School Tel: +960 6580097     Email: m_fayazu@hotmail.com
Ali Saleem Ungoofaaru School Tel: +960 6580262     Email: salley_77@yahoo.com
Ahmed Alifulhu Dhuvaafaru Primary School Tel: +960 6582704     Email: ra.iha@hotmail.com
Moosa Mohamed R. Atoll School Tel: +960 6582705     Email: 777moos@gmail.com
Ahmed Rasheed R. Maakurathu School Tel: +960 6580333     Email: ar.silu02@gmail.com
Hussain Sobah R. Rasmaadhoo School Tel: +960 6580330     Email: elaaf2010@live.com
Ahmed Naeem R. Innamaadhoo School Tel: +960 6580359     Email: ahmednaeem0075@hotmail.com
Mohamed Nazim R. Inguraidhoo School Tel: +960 6580316     Email: nashimoo@hotmail.com
Ahmed Shareef R. Fainu School Tel: +960 6580358     Email: asaamsarh@gmail.com
Mohamed Musthafa R. Kinolhahu School Tel: +960 6580360     Email: must_fee@hotmail.com
Mariyam Nathasha R. Maduvvaree School Tel: +960 6580146     Email: natha_shaaa@hotmail.com
Ahmed Saeed R. Atoll Education Centre Tel: +960 6580031     Email: ahmedfulhu@hotmail.com