Upcoming Events

 1 May A Level & HSC Exams.

 4 May English Day

 6 May Huravee Dhuvas

 10 May Children's Day

13-24 May First Term Test

17-24 May First Term Test

25-26 May Second Term

31 May End of Term 1

Senior Management

Name Designation Grade(s) Remarks
Fathulla Ismail Principal
Abdul Muhusin Ibrahim Deputy Prinicipal 10 Grade in Charge & Morning Sesion-Incharge
Hussain Afeef Deputy Prinicipal Incharge of CCA
Hussain Ahmed Senior Administrative Officer Head of Administrative & Budget Section
Abdul Ghafoor Ismail Graduate Leading Teacher Afternoon Sesion-Incharge
Ahmed Shareef Qualified Leading Teacher 1,2,3,& 4 Grade Incharge
Abdul Azeez Ibrahim Graduate Leading Teacher 5,6, & 7 Grade Incharge
Ahmed Saeed Graduate Leading Teacher 8 Grade Incharge & HoD of Mathematics
Hussain Shiham Graduate Leading Teacher 9 Grade Incharge & Head of Islam, Dhivehi Department
Ahmed Naeem Graduate Leading Teacher 11 & 12 Grade Incharge & HoD of Business Department
Shiva Kumar Graduate Teacher Head of English Department
Rajesh Babu Graduate Teacher Head of Science Department